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2018 Beijing international hotel supplies exposition held in June Welcome the hotel industry a new change

Date: 2018-02-24

For a long time, due to the limitation of economic level, the hotel is only as the place of stay, travel and tourism as consumer upgrades, more and more users put forward higher request for this stay places.Healthy, diverse leisure hotel life is more and more get the favour of consumers.
The change of consumption concept hotel industry change
What kind of hotel for the hotel industry, in order to lead the industry trend?At present, the wynn Las Vegas hotel nearly 5000 rooms are equipped with acoustic control functions, guests can be set via voice intelligent device to control the room;Hilton also is testing its first "App default" as the characteristics of intelligence guest room, guest just tapping phone can control temperature, lighting, blinds, thermostat and television;Marriott upcoming room "Internet of things"...Hotel intelligent products application, IT is more and more close to the consumers and become a trend.
The exhibition is the efficient way to the future hotel procurement
China has the world's largest consumer groups, their change of consumer demand for hotel products in addition to live comfortable, convenient, and the demand of the "eat", even to some extent, the pursuit of eating more "perseverance".
How to meet this demand?In fact, for a small range of procurement, hotel supplies, hotel or food is difficult to guarantee its quality.Exhibition is different, an industry event equal the height of industry cluster area, through the exhibition screening products have certain quality guarantee, the product has authenticity and comparative.In the future, to participate in the exhibition is the efficient way to the hotel procurement.
Build hotel catering industry one-stop shopping trading platform
To promote the hotel supplies and kitchen utensils and appliances industry enterprises expand beijing-tianjin-hebei, and other northern market, set up the hotel catering industry one-stop shopping trading platform, by the all-china federation of kitchenware industry chamber of commerce, Beijing food industry association, Beijing association of commercial kitchen utensils and appliances, kitchen utensils and appliances association in shandong province, was the home of eat hutch henghui international hotel articles city, Beijing exhibition co., LTD. Jointly held "the eighth session of Beijing international hotel supplies and food and beverage industry exposition" is scheduled for June 21-23, 2018 held in China international exhibition center.The exhibition involving participation category catering kitchen appliances, meal diet and brand chain, high-end food and beverage, desktop items, guest room supplies, hotel investment join and intelligent products, franchising, hotel IT hotel cleaning products etc.
Exhibition will also be a "neighbourhood" same international hotel investment summit, the second session of beijing-tianjin-hebei hotel catering industry development BBS, the eighth session of Beijing international hotel supplies exposition appreciation dinner and other activities.
Beijing has a unique advantage

Beijing as the country's political, economic and cultural center and international communication hub, is also one of the largest tourist city in China, the reception of tourists but also among the top of the major tourist cities in China.According to statistics, 2016 Beijing, a total of 285 million person-times of tourists, tourism revenue of 502.1 billion yuan.In the first half of 2017, 140 million, the total number of tourists in Beijing tourism revenue reached 245.85 billion yuan, year-on-year growth of 4.9% and 9.2% respectively, growth than in 2016 increased by 0.3 and 0.2%, respectively, to achieve growth.Accompany with tourism resources, is brought about by the housing industry development steadily.As the 2022 winter Olympic Games in Beijing, whispering in the next few years in Beijing and surrounding areas of tourism, hotel supplies and food and beverage industry will have high-speed development period.
The eighth session of Beijing international hotel supplies expo venue selection in Beijing, not only can help more hotel enterprises to grasp the consumption situation and development trend at home and abroad, can build a good communication platform.The exhibition will be relying on strong market demand in China, Beijing as the window to make the asia-pacific region's most influential grand gathering.