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Authority release: 50, 2018 Chinese hotel groups

Date: 2018-04-19

On April 11, 2018, supported by guangzhou trade commission, the China hotel association, guangzhou lingnan international enterprise group co., LTD., to undertake the 7th China cultural festival opened in guangzhou hotel, the hotel food and beverage industry leader, brand rookie, industrial chain institutions, experts and scholars at home and abroad nearly two thousand representatives gathered to discuss new era hotel industry momentum in the development of high quality culture.Conference, China hotel association and surplus control information jointly issued the "2018 China hotel chain development and investment report, at the same time, according to each group as of January 1, 2018 has been opened rooms released the" 2018 China top 50 hotel group size list ", "China hotel chain brand 30 strong", "foreign hotel group brand size 30 strong" and China hotel chain "top 10 luxury brand scale", "high-end brand size 10 strong", "brand top 20 scale", "economical scale 30 strong" brand series list.

The report is based on China's domestic hotel investment and management group and foreign hotel brands in China's public archives, past records, industry sources to estimate to complete and independent research, makes every effort to show the current situation of the development of China's hotel industry chaining today.

Economy hotel growth is slowing, transformation and upgrading is needed

As of January 1, 2018, the economy hotel business for 32444;2009738 rooms and suites up 9.95% from a year earlier.

Due to the rise of the middle consumer groups consumption upgrade cause great changes in customer demand, the service provided by the hotel can satisfy new consumers personalized, diversified, mobile, experience, social demand, the economy hotel is a great challenge.In addition, since the competition in the hotel industry group, the giant, capitalization, branding, chaining competition;High quality hotel property of increasingly scarce, artificial rents rising energy costs, product aging, makes the economy hotel industry faces constant shuffling and the transformation of a new breakthrough.

Economy hotel has experienced high-speed development period, large stock, a second-tier cities brand chaining rate is higher, but the REVPAR growth is slowing, low return on investment, the need to find a new development path, from the development model to change innovation, for example, in a second-tier cities to reposition and focus market segment, appropriate for the optimization of products, or use the hotel Shared resources, increase the extension of service chain, to provide value-added service income and so on many ways helpful exploration;Under three line city brand chaining degree is relatively low, market channels sinks, seize hotel brand industrial upgrading in the course of urbanization in China, actively face the economy hotel of runoff of main machine.