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"The games are Beijing sprints: venue planning enough attention

Date: 2015-07-29

China news agency, Kuala Lumpur, July 28 (xinhua had light) vote of the 2022 winter Olympics approaching, Beijing Olympic venue planning is a major concern. Beijing dong's team said, will Beijing city three division, yanqing, zhangjiakou, scattered venues will help more people after the use of venues.
The international Olympic committee (ioc) will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on July 31, the plenary session, voted for the 2022 winter Olympics host city. Beijing winter one delegation has arrived in a horse recently, reporter interviewed and location of the hotel.
The first avenue oval will be born
Beijing winter one project planning department facilities department director GuiLin said, China's rapid economic development, people is a big demand for professional ice facilities.
GuiLin said that plans to enable a reserved land near the Olympic park, construction of a highway oval. GuiLin said, existing a lot of ice in Beijing, a lot of ice can guarantee 365 TianQuan operation, and the new oval, can not only serve the Olympics, will also provide people with a 365 days skating new places.
According to the plan, the project plan all the ice conference held in Beijing. Besides the avenue oval, the other 11 competition and non-competition venues, all can be the use of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games venues.
GuiLin stressed that all the venue planning takes the concept of "thrift run competitions". Yanqing, zhangjiakou snow venue design, she says, and combined closely with the local yamagata, wind speed, etc, adopt temporary facilities as far as possible, as much as possible to reduce the cost of construction and operation.
Three division: three people to share the Olympic heritage
According to the planning, Beijing 2022 Olympics will be divided into three division, yanqing, hebei zhangjiakou city. Most of the snow project will be settled in zhangjiakou.
"Playground scattered in three areas, is the real sustainable development", Beijing winter bid news propaganda department minister Wang Hui said. Her explanation, China's vast territory, huge need for sports, focus to build a large number of venue is bad for People's Daily use.
Wang Hui said that some countries do the games, the games are over means you put an end to the venues to use, but for China, "the games are over, is the beginning of the ice and snow sports of China".
Venues spread out, how to solve the traffic problem? 28 xiao-tao wang, deputy director of the national development and reform commission (NDRC), Hong Kong and the transportation is convenient, the planned Beijing Zhang Gaotie will be opened to traffic in 2019, or 350 kilometers per hour per hour, when Beijing both pass only 52.5 minutes. However, he stressed that China will invest 800 billion yuan a year, 8000 km railway, Beijing to zhangjiakou the high iron has already been included in the planning, not specially built for winter Olympics. (after)