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ErFu to old cold noodle health card

Date: 2015-07-29

Today, as the saying goes "TouFu dumplings ErFu face" by ErFu, to eat noodle, surface has become the choice of many citizens, I putuoshan new sichuan restaurant and noodle of cold cold noodles, huatian yenji, restaurant, etc., have become a lot of residents of good minds.
Noodle ErFu this few days busy to prepare. This year, the new sichuan noodle 10 stores in ErFu day is expected to supply the new sichuan cold noodles more than 50000, alex yenji restaurant chain expects sales yenji, more than 10000 is grim, and me putuoshan restaurant chain I putuoshan cold noodle supply will be around 10000, revenue management supply of xingyuan of noodles hall ErFu surface also remains at about 1200.
Old cold noodle played a "healthy" theme. The reporter understands from I putuoshan restaurant, as the "golden edition", "tradition" version after I putuoshan cold noodle, the old continue to launch this year theme "ErFu -" clearing damp "version of the coix seed I putuoshan cold noodle. "Cannot be simply just meet customers get folk or seasonal food to eat." I putuoshan restaurant general manager, told reporters that "this year continuous rainfall, air humidity is big, so we in the cold noodles joined the 7% or so of the coix seed, advocate a healthy diet and eat custom happy."
"Recent mixed with spicy beef sold very hot." Alex yenji restaurant manager li told reporters, "yenji grim, with spicy beef has the effect of clearing damp, mixed with spicy beef and cold dish, special Swiss, so very good sales this year, many customers are pack out." Yenji grim and mixed with spicy beef supply is expected to rose more than three.
By ErFu, package will be delivered "ErFu noodles" consumption of one of the mainstream way. ErFu on the same day, I putuoshan huatian yenji, restaurants, restaurants, and other old ErFu noodles takeaway noodles will account for about thirty percent of sales, and as the new sichuan noodle restaurant chain is to account for about sixty percent, more than in previous years. Old name like the new sichuan noodle noodle every arrive the summer solstice, ErFu seasonal customers are lining up to buy noodles, many consumers simply in advance, pack out.
"Some customers to order is 50!" New sichuan noodle restaurant chain von manager yesterday a day are not idle, the store reservation phone ringing off the hook. He told reporters, "such a big order only in xinjiekou store will receive more than 10 ErFu day. In order for packaging customers much more special, pickled vegetables, pork chops are packaged with the surface of cold dishes, such as special fire bookings."
Noodles today "lead" in a wide range of designs. In addition, QuYuan restaurant for ErFu launched pork ribs, beef and other flavors of rice noodle, SanLiHe TongHeJu is introduced for city people noodles with gravy and shredded chicken noodles, clear soup noodles, etc.; With spring park is a plain noodle for ErFu end out of the specialty; Lakes introduced TongHeJu restaurants fry sauce noodles and spicy pot noodles. (source: Beijing daily reporter: Pan Fu da)