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"The food" air conditioning village summer business booming

Date: 2015-07-29

Since last weekend, the temperature rising in the city of Beijing, the city began to escape the hot summer, ran to the city suburb of Beijing suburbs village "air conditioning" a hilarious.
Long valley city village is located in the northwest of Beijing changping ShenShan District, above 880 meters above sea level, vegetation coverage rate reached 57%, 7 degrees Celsius, the temperature is lower than in the city known as the changping "little Tibet" must cover with quilt son, he goes to bed at night is "air conditioning village". Yue boss is a native of long valley city, perennial runs a farmyard, old yue gardens thronged these days recently, busy not him. "Za 5 yard were all full of live, most of the time with five centuries people waiting for dinner one day", the old yue said that line more people eating, crop to eat is no points, peasant feast directly into the open-air banquet. When interviewed, old yue also in busy replenish onr's stock, "there are more than 90 guests waiting for dinner at noon?". Old yue tells a reporter, now want to come out to play, have to book in advance, Saturday day room most nervous, his yard has been booked by the middle of August. His answer almost a day, is to summer, even the tourists of hebei, tianjin to long valley city for the summer.
Seven in the evening at eight o 'clock, the sun go down slowly and the old town, miyun history of zhuang zi's much better to go for a walk on the road of the city, originally very quiet on the center of the square from the east side of the old lady and aunt dance to music respectively from the sun. History of zhuang zi's secretary guo told reporters, temperature 40 day break in the city of Beijing, the history of zhuang zi in the evening to cover with quilt son, so because of the cool, a holiday since the children, to the village summer started up, and all day on Saturday or on Monday, Friday, to play more than two times more people than usual. Especially some retired old man, can't stand the heat in the city, and don't like to blow air conditioning, in the history of zhuang zi's folk households live is two weeks. Cover thick quilt, sleeping at night and early to rise makes a man wearing a thin coat to spend half an hour to walk up the mountain, look at nearby of miyun reservoir in the pavilion, stroll to the lake fishing, rowing, don't think it is in the summer. Due to the side of the lake water quality is good, some old man to play with the bucket, he left to fill up the side of the water will leave. Secretary guo said, now not only to the summer in Beijing, fujian, yinchuan, shandong, Shanghai guests all have, in addition to summer, summer camp and training. A few more days, a Canadian English training institutions to come over to play five centuries, accommodation, meals will be more busy then.
Too many people go to Beijing for the summer, accordingly it is easier for out of the city road congestion. Ms song feeling is quite deep to this, since the daughter to go abroad, ms song whenever you have the couple drove around to Beijing suburbs. Recently, don't worry about it is jing bearing high or beijing-tibet expressway, one is stuck to the weekend, and it is "outing", often require an hour walk the way to go for two and a half hours also can't get, is to go out to play. (source: Beijing evening news reporter: wen-wen sun)