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The Palace Museum will trace the silk road "into the palace history" of cultural relics

Date: 2015-07-29

Yesterday, the Forbidden City set up a new 6 institute, publish JinZhongQi academic tasks at the same time. Palace Museum director ChanJi xiang said that the establishment of the institute of the six marked the academic system of the national Palace Museum inaugurated, "the basic have covered all of the research scope of cultural relic of the imperial palace, completing the academic framework."
6 institute, calligraphy and painting research institute, ceramic research institute, institute of Tibetan buddhist institute of cultural relics, historical archives of palace of bright qing dynasty is in the palace of the original four research center on the basis of integration. The newly established including the Chinese painting research institute, institute of the Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges, the former is the main idea of excellent traditional art of ancient inheritance; The latter postponement of well-known scholars, at home and abroad to jointly study the Chinese and foreign cultural exchange history and present situation.
Institute ChanJi cheung introduced JinZhongQi research task: painting and calligraphy institute is planning between Ming dynasty and early qing "BiZouLongShe - five cursive exhibition", "calligraphy exhibition" jointly-organised after emperor, "YuBi painting exhibition", "Palace Museum interpretation of the exhibition", "globalization without cabinet post version show", etc. Ceramic institute plans in October 2019 to October 2020, in collaboration with Taipei's palace at the same time to carry out the "five ancient jun comprehensive study", "five ancient jun porcelain exhibition" respectively. Ming and qing palace archives research institute will develop in the qing dynasty court judgments system research, published in "encyclopedia of the imperial palace, the Ming and qing dynasties Shi Juan palace". Chinese painting research institute will carry out "an ancient technique" writing work, publications at the new mustard seed garden of the imperial palace.
And the new institute of the Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges, is the first specialized study academic institutions in sino-foreign cultural exchanges, the system to carry out the study of modern Chinese and foreign cultural and academic exchanges. In possession of the qing dynasty "the Palace Museum has pressed the tens of thousands of pieces of foreign cultural relics, including western clocks, surveying and mapping tools, Britain one hundred generation and philips light bulbs and other precious" the thing ", reflects the status of the technological and cultural exchange between east and west."
ChanJi cheung introduction, the institute will also implement the strategy of "area" in the country big background, through the exhibition tour, academic research, such as form, for our country and "neighbourhood" all the way along the national cultural exchanges play a unique role. "The Palace Museum possession relating to the silk road all kinds of cultural relics, the collection from the land and sea silk road more than 60 countries." (source: Beijing evening news reporter: Sun Leqi)