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Imperial palace painting to shout you can fill in color

Date: 2015-08-30

The flowers to fill in "the secret garden" color, have you ever thought, the imperial palace in the resplendent and magnificent, with can also become one of the content of your color in DIY? Recently, the national Palace Museum official weibo launched "touched the Forbidden City" as the imperial palace building painting sample coloring activity, provides for the net friend to play three black and white line art art cells, and will vote for the top three.
On July 19, officer of the imperial palace "@ the national Palace Museum" issued a special interactive content, because of coloring game popular recently, micro officer jun found numerous buildings inside the imperial palace painting drawing seems to be "can also take out", let netizen painting art cells into full play. Distribution map is sunk panel inside the imperial palace, beams and other architectural style of the picture and black and white line art.
This activity was welcomed by netizens, as of yesterday 18, a total of 2811 times of forwarding, 516 comments, with net friend asked "please book" directly.
On July 20, the Palace Museum officer micro release weibo again, will the activity named "touched the Forbidden City", and clearly contribute as of July 31 to stop, then by the net friend to vote out of the top three.
"There will be substantial reward," yesterday, the national Palace Museum officer micro relevant controller introduces, weibo posted three paintings in the sample of high, medium and low respectively three difficulty, the net friend to be complete, "slowly probably need a week or so."
S dialogue
Officer of the imperial palace, head of the micro
Coloring activity = + spread knowledge effective interaction
Yesterday, officer of the imperial palace, according to team leader guo Ting architectural colored drawing is one of the Palace Museum related departments have been hoping to promote cultural content, the color in black and white line art activities through the net interaction, both hope to reduce the distance with net friend, also aims to popularize knowledge about the palace buildings.
The Beijing news: what do think of coloring activity initiated?
Guo Ting: in fact, as early as 2008 years or so, the Palace Museum is considered bring images of the colored pattern of imperial palace architecture and building press, because it's good, but there was no idea now is so fashionable, colouring books last month after the fire up our team is thought of, can take existing buildings try painting line art. Circulating on the Internet, however, the coloring book I never see, didn't buy.
The Beijing news: after activities launched by the netizens, is expected?
Guo Ting: start a little uneasy, don't know will there be one (laughs), but from the present, is to achieve the effective interaction with Internet users. This is also one of our purpose.
The Beijing news: the future is likely to bring out the palace of the architectural colored drawing line art coloring?
Guo Ting: there are probably, because had the Forbidden City publishing department officer micro reply us that have been included in the plan. (source: Beijing news reporter: Huang Ying)