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Reject the Ming tombs scenic spot "privilege tourism" cancel the free coupon

Date: 2015-07-29

"Can you help me to get some tickets?" Rides to the attractions, how relationship became some priority.
Don't pay for tickets, but looking for a relationship, courting, or by a variety of coupon free into the garden, the visible "privileged tourist scenic spots in this city are widespread," very antipathy for ordinary tourists.
This year, changping Ming tombs scenic area for the key regulation "privilege tourism". From July 1, the coupon abolish all of scenic spots, all the visitors will all needs to buy tickets.
Coupon offer nearly 90000 copies a year
By coupon free attractions, this tradition has lasted for more than 20 years in the Ming tombs scenic spot.
"Is the earliest in order to facilitate business reception. Staff of the Ming tombs, dc office, coupon system established in the early 1990 s. As a name card of Beijing Ming tombs scenic areas, often have to receive government delegation to visit at home and abroad, the coupon is mainly aimed at the design of this part of the official entertaining groups. In addition, the cultural relic system between each scenic spot to visit, study, and adopt the way of coupon discounts on tickets.
According to introducing, coupon can be applied to the Ming tombs scenic areas has long ling, dingling, zhaoling, god road, juyongguan, yinshan tallinn six sights. Each coupon limit used within a scenic spot, the coupon on the date and the reception of visitors, the seal in the scenic spot, is limited to use the same day.
Initially, the scenic area according to the official entertaining situation, every year thousands of coupon is enough to use. Coupon but gradually, the more the more open, twenty thousand copies, thirty thousand copies, fifty thousand copies, until last year it opened nearly ninety thousand!
Coupon to open, the more the greater the impact on the tourism income. Six sights, season tickets highest 65 yuan, the lowest $25, according to conservative estimates, scenic spot ticket losses last year reached more than 500 ten thousand yuan.
Privilege to travel make "preferential treatment" flavor
Why coupon open more every year? Is the official hotels "surge? "No". Scenic area head shook his head with a wry smile, "is the coupon system gradually changed flavor in the execution."
Coupon as mentioned above, aimed only at the official entertaining, but as time goes on, the scenic spot some workers gradually regard it as the "invisible benefits". Friends and relatives to the scenic spot to open a coupon, friends of friends to also want to open a coupon.
In addition, some other units in this area, the cooperative unit staff to visit the scenic spot, or with friends and family to usually go there on special trip for, also calls for "preferential treatment", the scenic spot, feel embarrassed face son, usually also to open a coupon...
"Privilege tourism", "human tourism" prevails, the scenic spot of preferential treatment scope is more and more big, the issued coupon is one year more than a year. "Individuals selling coupon, even put it as a tool of illegal profit." The Ming tombs, dc Fang Guitang introduction, director of the office. And the greater scope of the scenic area of preferential treatment, the more economic losses.
The new system deny people recognize ticket
To curb the unhealthy tendency, this year, the Ming tombs, dc office down on the privilege to travel chaos. July 1, the coupon system in the scenic area is no longer.
"Tourists into the scenic spot, there is no special case have to buy a ticket." The Ming tombs, d.c., office party secretary jian-cheng wang said, according to the new rules, the scenic area has the basic unit, department, and counterpart cooperation unit the leadership of the worker, is not allowed to take visitors into the garden. Wicket deny people recognize ticket. In addition, scenic spot ticket of supervision to monitor the ticket booth, barrier.
Jian-cheng wang said to cancel the coupon for the exchange of visits between the scenic spot and have no effect on normal business reception. "July 1, official entertaining by official letter, notice, etc., business director in charge of examination and approval to dc. And then be handled by dc office unified into the garden."
In addition, the protection of cultural relics, infrastructure repair, advertising and other related departments need because of the specific work of scenic spots, after, director of the examination and approval of the competent, dc, staff by each department employee's card. Work permit should be number, when issued in the form of official documents to check-in ticket center department for the record, when withdrawing notify ticket. (source: Beijing daily reporter: Ms. Wang correspondent: Wilcox j)