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The front door non-material cultural heritage museum park is expected to be put into operation in 2016

Date: 2015-07-29

New Beijing net, July 28 (reporter in vertical clouds) covers an area of 400000 square meters, the investment of more than 400000 one hundred million yuan to the front door of the intangible cultural heritage museum park (hereinafter referred to as a heritage park) will be put into operation in 2016. At home and abroad at that time, a group of the most representative intangible products will gather here.
In today's international BBS "UNESCO cultural fusion and the first front door international BBS" non-material cultural heritage, a heritage park one of the project owner of yunghsin yong-jun li, chairman of China rhyme culture industry group revealed that the above information.
The intangible garden located at the front door will according to the street, two cores, the layout of the three areas, namely the axis is given priority to with south central axis of Beijing qianmen street, intangible exhibition hall, the grand theater as the core, to the heritage expo area, creativity, experience for content construction.
According to the planning, intangible garden will be representative of the intangible cultural heritage at home and abroad gathered here, based on the transmission and development of the heritage protection, strive to build cultural tourism, entertainment, conference and exhibition in one of the cultural industry cluster.
Intangible garden planning covers an area of 400000 square meters, of which 100000 square meters park is expected to open in October, carved lacquerware, tripod, embroidery, ceramic, thangka descendants of a batch of Chinese intangible cultural heritage will take the lead in the heritage park, show masters exquisite work, show the Chinese excellent traditional culture.
According to yong-jun li, intangible garden not only in China's intangible cultural heritage projects, also want to introduce the most representative international intangible cultural heritage projects. Russian dolls, African wood carving, exquisite handicrafts are expected to appear in the centralized.
Vice President of Chinese intangible cultural heritage protection association wen-hui ma, there are more than 200 from home and abroad of intangible heritage to determine in the garden.
Yong-jun li said that the front door of the prosperous commercial street in Beijing, there are also some intangible not related shops, will gradually transfer and adjustment. He said: "we want to put the garden into Chinese culture heritage in silicon valley, the incubation base."
On the peak BBS today, the participating experts and scholars around the "cultural integration", an intangible cultural heritage of the inheritance and development of discussion.
Wen-zhang wang, director of the center for Chinese intangible cultural heritage protection, points out that the heritage with constancy and live condition rheological property, inheritance to respecting the rule of intangible heritage, and in constant innovation, in innovation thinking, only in this way can we surmount forefathers created works, just have distinct characteristics of The Times.
Wen-zhang wang said at the same time, the intangible with thick cultural connotation, can't be all inherited in the inheritance, to trade-off inheritance, innovation of inheritance. Intangible to protect, the work should reflect master to create, has its own personality, to create the brand.
Wen-hui ma says endangered intangible items through audio, video and other means of eco-systems. On the basis of the heritage protection good, should let intangible to market, this is to make the fire up the important factors.
The BBS by the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization, UNESCO national committee China, jointly organized by China's intangible cultural heritage protection association. According to organizers, the future will hold one session of intangible cultural heritage exhibition every year and an international intangible cultural heritage peak BBS. (after)