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Beijing life lake hotel the first domestic cooper aerobic trails

Date: 2018-10-02

A few days ago, the first domestic cooper aerobic intelligent trails in Beijing southwest built six ring QingLongHu, the trails from healthy life lake hotel, along the qinglong lake, total length of 7.2 km.According to introducing, the trail is by the lake of life health group joint cooper aerobic big construction, lake is life one of the health management system is the core content in whole life cycle.
In accordance with the international standard custom, cooper aerobic intelligent life lake along the trails, set up scientific fitness guidance sign, aerobic exercise prescription module, intelligent information technology such as intelligent equipment, fitness crowd can real-time records the heart rate and exercise data, to reference the cooper lake health center of life science instruction, determine their aerobic capacity, realize the scientific movement.Through the trails that can test out the ability of aerobic fitness, is precise and real data to show each person's physical health level.Based on these data, the cooper life lake health center can also provide personalized service, giving the status of exercise prescription, set aside a specific plan of action, to improve the health of the guests and provides the physical examination results, all of these are completed in one day.
According to introducing, cooper aerobic exercise centers in the United States for more than 10 ten thousand people in 50 years after long-term follow-up of draw the conclusion: the higher the aerobic capacity, the lower the mortality rate;Fat man as long as insist to take exercise, improve the ability of aerobic live long;The second low aerobic capacity is the number one killer, hypertension, smoking in the third.Aerobic capacity refers to when the person in the sports of maximal oxygen intake, it is directly related to the biggest ability to pump blood to the heart muscle, also known as the respiration, body temperature, pulse, blood pressure after the fifth vital signs, its height can affect people's health level.Cooper in life lake intelligent precise science on aerobic trails to exercise, aerobic cooper is big health of "eat, move, heart" one part of the three core link "move".Match through aerobic exercise and reasonable diet "eat" and relieving prescription "heart", to form effective cooperation.
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