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The King's Joy Hotel Beijing (Beijing Xihua Jingzhao Fandian) is located near Tiananmen Square and the popular Dazhalan commercial area.

Diners may enjoy Shandong, Sichuan and local foods in this Beijing hotel. There are also variously-sized conference rooms on the premises.[View Detail]
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  • Alex·Lee
    Service is good
  • Benping777
    Hotel also line, but downstairs separated by a of hotel, South, is home shops. shops, shops, shops, important of things said three again. a disc fried rape or green beans to 25 block, small onion mix tofu to 20 block. to know, this just small restaurant. big gate LAN Street East what are as long as half of price. way said a sentence, dinner of when, pair foreigners in door turned has Xia recipes on go has. addition, boss has basic recipes, we that this of duck to 128 block,Later sneak peek is 108. almost speechless!
  • balley
    Help your parents, they just arrived, feedback can be, health in the vicinity is also acceptable, sunny room
  • doglass
    Distance between fences, front door, very close to the National Palace Museum, eating, playing easy
  • etwww163
    From Tiananmen Square, only 20 minutes to bring their children to walk, showing how close the distance, after living here
  • tccmyf
    Very good hotel, every time he comes to Beijing once lived here,
  • Min1003
    Set of double bed room, bed too soft has, not comfortable. hotel restaurant of noodles too salt has not delicious. away from big fence is near, several step road, but away from gokokuji snacks and public station also is has seven or eight minutes minutes away. downstairs several hotel of earlier bad, not health, milk like water. big fence inside has home called what Creutzfeldt-halogen Cook of do cannot to, health is poor, has small strong, taste also bad.
  • abing0322
    Windows insecure, room had a smell, maybe business is so good
  • rabicon
    Good location, facilities are old and service can also ... no WiFi
  • mouse_wx
    Good location good! eat easy convenient!
  • xianmi
    Well, the geographical position is superior, attend the walk to the can.
  • n2110
    Hotel distance front door Street is very near of, and near of traffic is is convenient of, distance Tiananmen Square walk on can directly arrived, for view flag ceremony of people for is good of designed locations, hotel of hall facilities is complete, breakfast 20 Yuan a bit, room Wi-Fi, TV, slippers are has, service also is is thoughtful. not itself hanging from disturb brand words, clean personnel will daily are to finishing indoor health a again of. General for I is is satisfaction of!
  • lu5089
    Hotel Nice hotel, good location, either by subway or buses are convenient, walking out is to visit the classic, from Tiananmen Square and is close to the fence.
  • e00867019
    Good location, the environment can be
  • emili
    Very old hotel, very long, very broken is broken, it's worth the price, will not stay here again!
  • elin_06
    Also nice. as the old hotel, can keep this has been difficult to have. this piece is an old House. entrance is a large fence, hundreds of meters and Tiananmen Square is the front door to the North.
  • cnepc
    Affordable, easy to play around, a bit far from the Metro station, is good.
  • ai natural
    Great location, about ten minutes walk from Tiananmen Square, the traffic is convenient, but rooms are a little small, but downtown is fine, next time I go to or take into
  • Betty
    Guest House grades
  • alan1688888
    Reception is too poor, moments like Beijing in the city centre fell by several stages, your point doesn't matter, good point OK? older, downtown Beijing is really very unyielding
  • angelina_wxl
    From very close to the front door, very good, next time comes
  • GordonTrips
    Location very good, on in front door Street big fence near, traffic convenience, eat things shopping very convenient, away from Tiananmen also near. Hotel internal environment General, room is small, facilities crude, old, health also line, price than up around chain hotel cheap, if is to see rose flag, too your of difficult bear, and not willing to live small hotel of, this hotel also is can of.
  • mcwantom
    Hotel room a little smaller, sanitation can also, from Tiananmen Square, more than 10 minutes. is in the dashilan commercial district, shopping, eating.
  • e00566071
    Very good location, convenient, easy to find! not far from Tiananmen Square ... ... Which is very nice
  • summer08
    The room is too small, the bed was small, but nice, is definitely not Samsung, next time will ever live.
  • AndyAmyGO
    Rooms at more than once, the environment is very good, facilities OK, nice, but no Internet in the room.
  • ouyangyl
    Hotel location is really great, watching the flag raising is absolutely a good choice, rooms very clean, near the snack a lot, choice of room high!
  • E05846317
    The hotel is very clean, round was good, walking a few steps from the hotel is the big fence, walk to Tiananmen Square not far from satisfied!
  • cocodlin
    Just one word, it was very good, very satisfied with, next time
  • aiming817
    Hotel health condition is very good, really good convenient traffic, is next to the fence, walked more than 10 minute to Tiananmen Square, the place is really good, is the hotel seems to be able to bargain, find the same room for others but also cheap, feel uncomfortable, just think hotels are pretty good, don't want to mess with that.
  • a7205064
    Health is located in the front door convenient obsolete equipment service
  • ct521yy
  • cenyao
    Nice hotel, good location, safe, safe
  • ls58218424
    Life easier place to live, food and shops
  • scatjiang
    Very satisfied, in the Beijing the price value, service is good, and is very convenient to travel, eat much
  • e03398875
    Which is very nice
  • tamarali
    Well, more than 10 minutes away from the Tiananmen Square, great location, very convenient. are initially thought the room was so small, then went to the other hotel saw like this, may be Beijing ounces gold. the best was in and out quite safe.
  • gu1225
    Good location away from Tiananmen Square and very close to the Metro, was poor sanitation
  • Emma8812
    Just fine.
  • around
    King's joy Hotel Beijing is large, from door station and zhushikou. recommend this location, invincible!
  • ascao
    Price quite high,
  • aaaaaaaaaa
    Hotel is well located, convenient, quiet, the room was clean, decorated and cozy than comparable hotels, great. hotel rooms are very clean, decorated very warm, bed very comfortable, necessary, staff were very friendly, will stay again.
  • lee1421
    This hotel is very good! a clean, hygienic and convenient!
  • teresa3425
    Hotel is good, very fit, go straight to Tiananmen Square to watch the flag-raising was soon arrived, which many foreign guests. bed is soft it who are not accustomed to, others very well.
  • jolin381868705
    Parking is easy
  • e00773805
    Second times staying, location also is is good of, travel convenient, but front desk reception service attitude really of no other with type Hotel good! treats foreign people is enthusiasm of, but domestic of people on some blinkers has! addition due to just began to arrangements of room row wind bad, has taste, requirements room, began front desk said no, later to he requirements Xia agreed for has, room Hou, environment obviously good has many!
  • jennyice
    Parents say good!
  • Didi da da
    Free left-luggage rooms
  • eeyoreegg
    From Tiananmen Square, good choice!
  • Eric0226
    Internet prices too fast, for three nights, the third night price.