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The King's Joy Hotel Beijing (Beijing Xihua Jingzhao Fandian) is located near Tiananmen Square and the popular Dazhalan commercial area.

Diners may enjoy Shandong,  Sichuan and local foods in this Beijing hotel.

There are also variously-sized conference rooms on the premises.

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住客评论 533条评论     4.2分/5分 更多
  • liegege
    Room on like other users took of as, I that between room bathroom floor not very clean, but geographical does good, room also has WiFi, management also good, nothing noise. but hot some when does enough hot, not know is not many people with of reasons, daily also are was to finishing room, recommends to live this of took Line 2 line front door Xia Southwest mouth out or bus big fence Xia, I to of when from beads city mouth run has good far...... There are rooms of bedPu is soft, I was very comfortable, but my mother felt too soft bed sore, room air conditioning only in third gear, high, medium, low ... ... Were open higher, sometimes I still feel heat
  • xianmi
    Well, the geographical position is superior, attend the walk to the can.
  • samgeon
    Here is close to Tiananmen Square, is the best selection of tourism, room clean and Nice.
    Service, rooms are a little small! mattress a little softer!
  • cxbcyl
    Well, it is quite satisfactory
  • ieejiang
    Location good, away from big fence, square are compared near. near snacks many, traffic compared convenient, away from Metro also not too far, upstairs to brush room card, security good. now room WiFi signal good, speed soon. room facilities General, bed compared small and soft, not too comfortable, bathroom crude, hot not hot. standard between added bed Hou prices high, feel sex than General
  • ideagot
    Convenient, cost-effective
  • tissuelee
    Hotels in the same price compared to its advantage is the high safety factor, which I think is very dominant.
  • EagleAoi
    Hotel location is very good, from the Qianmen Street, very close to Tiananmen Square, down not far away is the bus stop, which is very convenient. is the room was a bit small, but win well in location, the other can take. Hotel hard to eat for breakfast, spend 20 Yuan is really worth Ah, need to be improved.
  • cnp2011
    Hotels near the front door. to Tian an men square, the forbidden city, walking distance to travel, convenient, only ten minutes from Line 2 subway Qianmen station, hotel out of the bus station. Lao Beijing cuisine can be found all around the hotel, shopping is very convenient.
  • IPC Corporation
    Good location and bathroom shower area is not big enough.
  • lylc_114
    Hotel general environment good, location or, to Tiananmen walk 15 minutes, room is unlikely to, but also is clean, is located in big fence/front door commercial blocks, full poly de duck Qian stores, East to shun pot front door/big fence shop. full poly de duck is your, eat with also line, duck heart dumplings not I to, East to shun pot also can, and has buy. recommends dinner find buy deal points, hotel of small restaurant also good, General Beijing of line play of good, live of also can, travel convenient,Metro Line 2, Line 7 line, and bus.
  • amydeng123456
    Super strong WiFi, rooms are wide, good health, environment is very good, great.
  • liangfion
    Said is a three star hotel, I really don't believe, this room is really very disappointing, small room, small bed, facilities are old and may be good places to walk about 20 minutes to Tiananmen Square
  • MissIvory
    Rooms did not have, is a free upgrade to deluxe room. health facilities are very good, rather than the strong rooms. well. many foreigners
  • e00271381
    Very good location, very close to the Subway Line 2 line! go to some of the more important attractions are very smooth. prices are good!
  • gbx57188
    Transportation is convenient, is near from the Tian ' anmen square, nearby is the business conditions is easy-
  • aiming817
    Hotel health condition is very good, really good convenient traffic, is next to the fence, walked more than 10 minute to Tiananmen Square, the place is really good, is the hotel seems to be able to bargain, find the same room for others but also cheap, feel uncomfortable, just think hotels are pretty good, don't want to mess with that.
  • e00241707
    Good location, convenient traffic ... without WIFI
  • minxiaobo
    In addition to the great location of the hotel in addition to not really said anything commendable ... well, think of a security facility is good. most angry is a good broadband did not, calling the front desk, said network upgrades ... do you think I am 3 years old? 5?
  • asdf123
    Hotel safe, no WIFI in the room, only on Hall, more foreigners live.
  • jimjimjim
    Environment is also good location
  • usjcwst
    In addition to a special room next to the roadside, noisy good. spent four days in a row ... great location, at the front fence.
  • lolalidyy
    Is better than a lot, suggest that you come to Beijing to live here
  • rabicon
    Good location, facilities are old and service can also ... no WiFi
  • simon_yj
    Location is the hotel, not to say that. bath water is not hot and reflect after heating up, next day the water was not hot, water temperature is lower than the day before, with swimming pool water temperature (heated swimming pool), too lazy to say, so-so shower, washing out was quite cold.
    Come out to play, more convenient! order online cheap!
  • lvlvxyw
    Hotel good, catch with peak prices your is, usually not your, location very good, opposite not far is front door Street, hotel many foreigners, worth to, near full is old Beijing alley, vintage bungalow, East to shun mutton, full poly de are has. is to full poly de dinner, don't points package, too rip-off, a only duck, four copies dish 950 Yuan (dish not delicious), also to added received 10[%] service fee, than directly points two only duck, points some supporting of cake, sauce, affordable,A little more than more than 500.
  • greatriver
    Okay good.
  • alison_ruby
    Easy, convenient, clean and convenient relatively high price!
  • garyrui21
    Traffic is convenient, but rooms are a little small, hotels may be more old sake, hotel facilities are not very good, our first day by then, toilet was broken, does not go under the water, waiting for a long time also do not rush ... overall okay.
  • tiantianyou
    Which is very nice!
  • Melaniexu1981
    Nice, more hygienic, cost-effective, near fence
  • douxinran
    Location to find, not in the streets, and quiet at night. Brush housing accommodation on the card, is more secure, like a ... by the way, many foreigners stay, black and white skin.
    Hotel location is very good, near the fence, and convenient transportation, equipment, no Internet in the room, Wifi in the lobby, a high security and easy to eat.
  • e03398875
    Which is very nice
  • e00111977
    Excellent condition, front desk service was very good, good health, accessibility,
  • annie0912
    Nice, quite a lot of foreigners, there is no disposable wash supplies
  • victoryw0
    Tian an square in 20 minutes, good surrounding environment, according to da Zha LAN. eat many kinds of snacks in Beijing.
  • colonel
    Hotel environment is also nice
  • seadog1688
    Good location, big end of the fence is, to Tiananmen Square is close to the forbidden city. room, seems to be less than 3 stars. toilet with a sterilized opens the note inside also have long hair, do not know wipe not wipe.
  • gu1225
    Good location away from Tiananmen Square and very close to the Metro, was poor sanitation
  • lanmeimei
    It's OK
  • paula_mm
    Summer season prices 1 time times higher than low season, better than the nearby hotel facilities, but the prices are expensive
    Location, very quiet
  • flywall
    Very good location good room
  • lao_connie
    Very close to Tiananmen Square, 198 rooms and beds are too small!
  • leon55
    So, very old
  • orangeorange
    It's OK
  • Janewin8822
    Here in Beijing, good is good for years, feeling not-so-new, large fence near, feel good