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Map of the hotel

The King's Joy Hotel Beijing (Beijing Xihua Jingzhao Fandian) is located near Tiananmen Square and the popular Dazhalan commercial area.

Diners may enjoy Shandong,  Sichuan and local foods in this Beijing hotel.

There are also variously-sized conference rooms on the premises.

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住客评论 571条评论     4.2分/5分 更多
  • sunny3155
    Hotel in good location, about 15 minutes walk to Tiananmen Square, out of dozens of meters is the mall the fence, from the Qianmen Street are also close, and is very convenient for short term tourists. Hotel room is clean, but small; fully equipped, but a bit dated. Staff are good, more hotel rooms at the foreigner.
  • F09C28
    From Tiananmen Square, Wangfujing Street, near the old market in Beijing-dashilan, location is convenient is the parking is too expensive.
  • annie_july77
    Old customer, once lived two years ago, good, so choose him again, although the prices, but the conditions are good, convenient, clean and sanitary, there are lots of foreigners, double bed is huge, a family of three lived no problem ever ... ...
  • lwb68
    Surrounding environment, meals are very convenient, very satisfied. friends and will recommend.
  • oy3361
    Good location, basic, not Samsung.
  • freegirl01
    Rooms on six floors and elevators to five, not too easy, acceptable to the other
  • jinyi0727
    Nice clean conveniently lobby Waln cost-effective room area card access security.
  • gracexiaoyu
    Very good
  • Andwym
    Nice close to the fence, next to eating and drinking what is very convenient
  • e00772526
    Very good
  • e00152274
    Location is very good, service very good, some times
  • Alex·Lee
    Service is good
  • Jerry_yufeng
    Biggest advantage is convenience!
  • e00566071
    Very good location, convenient, easy to find! not far from Tiananmen Square ... ... Which is very nice
  • baobaolele
    Hotel very good! convenient and thoughtful service! is so clean! next time you come to Beijing will be here!
  • angelina_wxl
    From very close to the front door, very good, next time comes
  • daisypeng1983
    A good environment, good service, very close to the scenic spot of Mount Tai
  • AndyAmyGO
    Rooms at more than once, the environment is very good, facilities OK, nice, but no Internet in the room.
  • godbeworm
    Pretty good
  • williamdong71
    OK, front desk service, services need to be improved.
  • aAronY
    The surrounding environment and convenient transportation. eating convenient, foreign beauties, front desk impatiently, the last girl of the day well, hotel room is a little small, but the facilities are complete, get this price
  • e00043202
    Overall, also needs to be improved, traffic is good, from the front door close, has been very close to the fence, is the room sound insulation, bathroom hygiene needs to be improved.
  • teresa3425
    Hotel is good, very fit, go straight to Tiananmen Square to watch the flag-raising was soon arrived, which many foreign guests. bed is soft it who are not accustomed to, others very well.
  • dumbboy
    Nice, which belongs to the best near the front door, there are many attractions nearby, night is good, the traffic is very convenient, but poor basic services not provided very poor comb hot water no heat cleaning
  • lee1421
    This hotel is very good! a clean, hygienic and convenient!
  • gugu1211
    Clean rooms and the lobby, accommodation is also very quiet. traffic very convenient. away from Tiananmen Square are also very close. Services General
  • goodman6669
    Hotel location is very good, to Tiananmen Square is very convenient, good health
  • jolin381868705
    Parking is easy
  • AdamLam
    Pretty good!
  • NORTON09
    Good location in Qianmen Street, eating, shopping, travel more convenient, health
  • dwl50
    Lots really don't say it, opposite the large pedestrian street, this price is value, near two metro stations Line 2 line Qianmen stop, line and Line 7 Zhu Shi Kou station, near food Street abroad
  • atolei
    Good location, convenient
  • jasonrain1
    Room is small, others OK.
  • daitoumu
    Hotel location is good, go out at dozens of meters is to indicate the high street the fence, from the front door close, direct walk to Tiananmen Square on the first day to shop, convenient! Hotel room is clean, fully equipped, basically don't have to bring their own supplies. Warm and thoughtful staff, especially security in the lobby, it is good!
  • lolocool
    Facilities a bit stale, doors are broken and convenient
  • liuyongrui
    Walk distance big fence only three minutes, distance front door Metro station 10 minutes. location is good. Sun big bed room, every day clean health. most foreigners are live here. feel this selected of hotel is success. live with is comfortable. wireless of signal is good, service or. just from Beijing returned to home on comments has. in Beijing live Shang such location of hotel has good has. important of is price reasonable.
  • StaR Xing http
    Nice, slightly less room. rest well.
  • Vamonos
    Location is Rod, eat live line is convenient, hotel self breakfast taste also can 20 Yuan per person, to see flag, Tiananmen Square, hair President Memorial are is near, from airport sat Metro to Line 2 line front door station got off on to has, away from shop because early aircraft, hotel can help set car, is on time, facilities somewhat old, only Hall has Wi-Fi, recommended to above attractions as main travel attractions of friends can live here, is convenient
  • e00003250
    To Tian an men square, convenient
  • liegege
    Room on like other users took of as, I that between room bathroom floor not very clean, but geographical does good, room also has WiFi, management also good, nothing noise. but hot some when does enough hot, not know is not many people with of reasons, daily also are was to finishing room, recommends to live this of took Line 2 line front door Xia Southwest mouth out or bus big fence Xia, I to of when from beads city mouth run has good far...... There are rooms of bedPu is soft, I was very comfortable, but my mother felt too soft bed sore, room air conditioning only in third gear, high, medium, low ... ... Were open higher, sometimes I still feel heat
  • xianmi
    Well, the geographical position is superior, attend the walk to the can.
  • samgeon
    Here is close to Tiananmen Square, is the best selection of tourism, room clean and Nice.
    Service, rooms are a little small! mattress a little softer!
  • cxbcyl
    Well, it is quite satisfactory
  • ieejiang
    Location good, away from big fence, square are compared near. near snacks many, traffic compared convenient, away from Metro also not too far, upstairs to brush room card, security good. now room WiFi signal good, speed soon. room facilities General, bed compared small and soft, not too comfortable, bathroom crude, hot not hot. standard between added bed Hou prices high, feel sex than General
  • ideagot
    Convenient, cost-effective
  • tissuelee
    Hotels in the same price compared to its advantage is the high safety factor, which I think is very dominant.
  • EagleAoi
    Hotel location is very good, from the Qianmen Street, very close to Tiananmen Square, down not far away is the bus stop, which is very convenient. is the room was a bit small, but win well in location, the other can take. Hotel hard to eat for breakfast, spend 20 Yuan is really worth Ah, need to be improved.
  • cnp2011
    Hotels near the front door. to Tian an men square, the forbidden city, walking distance to travel, convenient, only ten minutes from Line 2 subway Qianmen station, hotel out of the bus station. Lao Beijing cuisine can be found all around the hotel, shopping is very convenient.
  • IPC Corporation
    Good location and bathroom shower area is not big enough.